About ToyChicken

Seriously? What can I say about this? It's my personal site, and as such is full of half-baked experiments, unfinished ideas, random photographs, amusing anecdotes, and links to other sites that don't annoy me too much.

The menu arrangement is designed to play nicely with CSS 3D transforms, and degrade gracefully via 2D transforms, and finally a basic layout for less able browsers. As it happens, I quite like the 2D version, it reminds me a little of the PS3 interface, and would probably work quite well on sit-back devices like a TV. With this in mind, it has to work with mouse, touch and keyboard navigation. Touch is, well, a little basic at the moment...

For those that care about such things, I endeavour to do it all with the magic of HTML, CSS & JS. Occasionally I throw in a bit of video and audio for good measure.


I could not have done this without the lovely Plastique icons, by Scott Lewis; the awesome work of the team at HTML5 Boilerplate; and some lovely fonts from the Google Web Font project, Andika & Coustard